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Set in Ireland, 1945, we follow a young woman who must gather every scrap of strength and defiance in her to get an important task done for the sake of her child. Even if that means going against the very rules that are the foundation of her world.

Director: Amy Corrigan
Producer: Kira Fitzpatrick

Cinematographer: Laura Seward
Editor: Eliot Gelberg-Wilson
Colourist: Chris Francis
Cast: Amy Molloy


Cork Film Festival 2019: Special Mention and Official Selection

Chelsea Film Festival 2019: Official Selection

Review from Film Ireland

"Right off the bat, we were presented with Amy Corrigan’s Bound, depicting Rosie, gathering all her strength in order to save her son’s soul in 1940s Ireland. The pale and dark colours of the film perfectly present the sorrow and loss the young mother is going through in a dream-like manner, while the beautiful cinematography isolates her throughout the entirety film. This is particularly evident in the scenes when Rosie talks to her husband and a priest;  her loneliness in these scenes making it all the harder to do what needs to be done. However, it is Amy Molloy’s powerful performance as Rosie that carries the film, perfectly conveying both the heartache and determination of the young mother and her speech to her son as she completes the task in the dead of night is heartbreaking, leading to a melancholic and beautiful ending."

L A U R A    S E W A R D


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